Five-head hoop bending machine with easy assembly and high production efficiency

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With the rapid development of the construction industry, in the process of housing construction, the use of machinery and equipment to complete various operations in steel processing is becoming more and more common.Five-head bending hoop machineIt is a kind of equipment commonly used for straightening and bending of steel bars. It can automatically complete the straightening, sizing, bending and cutting processes of steel bars, and has a very comprehensive processing capacity. It can freely control the expansion and contraction of the mandrel and can bend in both directions, so it can process more and more complex shapes. However, the existing five-head bending machine has complex operation process, large shape, high cost, complex structure and low efficiency, which is difficult to meet the development needs of the construction industry. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of development, it is necessary to modify the problems existing in the prior art to solve the technical problems in the prior art.

This article today will introduce a five-head bending machine that is easy to assemble, save manpower, easy to operate, greatly save manpower, and improve production efficiency.


TheFive-head bending hoop machineThe following technical solutions are adopted: including a frame, a bending mechanism installed on the frame, and a control mechanism that controls the operation of the bending mechanism. The frame is provided with an I-shaped guide rail, a hydraulic locking device and a linear guide rail of the sliding bending mechanism. Rack guide rail; the bending mechanism includes at least five groups of bending hoop heads, the chamber is equipped with a hydraulic transmission mechanism that drives the central shaft of the turntable to rotate, the central shaft of the turntable for bending steel bars, and the gear that drives the central shaft of the turntable to move; the outer wall of the chamber is equipped with an encoder that controls the angle of the bending mechanism; both sides of the bending hoop head are equipped with Limit plates for fixing the position of steel bars controlled by the hydraulic transmission system. The outer wall of the head chamber of the hoop bending machine is provided with a flange plate, the bending shaft for bending the steel bar is connected to the flange plate through a screw rod, and the bending shaft is also provided with a shaft hole in the rotary table. The guide rail is further provided with a rotating mechanism for driving the bending mechanism to move, and the rotating mechanism is movably connected with the bending mechanism. The rotating mechanism is provided with a turntable, the gear mechanism is engaged with the rack guide rail for transmission, and the turntable is provided with a gear mechanism. The rotating mechanism is also provided with a shielding plate for preventing the steel bar from falling off, and the bending axis is tangent to the shielding plate. The control mechanism includes a hydraulic control device and a driving device. Both the hydraulic control device and the driving device are electrically connected to the bending mechanism; the control mechanism is arranged in a control room on the frame; the rear side of the control room is provided with a display screen for sending instructions to the control mechanism. The guide rail is also provided with a measuring ruler, the chamber includes an upper chamber and a lower chamber, and the hydraulic transmission mechanism is introduced into the upper chamber through the lower chamber to drive the gear to move.

The advantages of this five-head bending hoop machine are:Five-head bending hoop machineThe frame is provided with a bending mechanism and a control mechanism for controlling the action of the bending mechanism. Under the action of the control mechanism, commands are input on the display screen to bend or process the steel bars sent to the bending mechanism. The bending mechanism includes five circumferential bending heads, all of which are controlled by system programming. The five bending heads can bend the steel bars into various shapes such as quadrilateral/triangle through joint operation. In this way, the construction workers can use the processed steel bars.