What are the matters needing attention in the use of steel bar straightening and cutting machine?

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Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is often used in construction sites and steel bar processing. The steel bar straightening and cutting machine can quickly straighten the steel bar and cut it according to the set length. When using, we need to pay attention to the following points:

Before starting the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the worktable used for receiving and feeding should be flush with the lower part of the cutting machine. Check whether the tool has cracks, whether the tool holder bolts are fastened, and whether the protective cover is firm. Start the machine after confirming that there is no problem. After starting, idling for two minutes, check the dynamic operation of the transmission part and the bearing, if there is no abnormality, start processing and reinforcement. When cutting, the middle and lower part of the cutting machine should be used to align the steel bar with the edge and put in quickly. Do not cut reinforcement that exceeds the specified diameter or hardness or is too hot. If more than one bar is cut at a time, the total cross-sectional area shall be within the specified range.


During the operation of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, it is not allowed to clean the material head or sundries near the cutting machine by hand. If the machine is abnormal, it should be repaired after the machine is stopped. After use, should cut off the power supply, clean up the above head or debris, for the next use. When using steel bar straightening and cutting machine to straighten cold drawn steel wire or fine steel bar. Straightening modules and drive shafts shall be selected according to the thickness of the reinforcement. Adjust the offset and shaft tightness of the straightening module according to the diameter of the steel bar.

When adjusting the straightening module, make sure that the straight front and rear parts are on the axis of the guide hole, otherwise it will affect the straightening effect of the steel bar. In many cases, the straightening of steel bars is a problem, which can be solved by adjusting the offset of the straightening die. Generally, after the steel bar enters the press roller, the groove width of the press roller is 3mm gap between the upper and lower press rollers. In order to ensure that the steel bar can be pulled forward smoothly, the steel bar cannot rotate obviously, and the steel bar and the pressure roller are allowed to slide during cutting.

Only by mastering the setting of the straightening machine can we straighten the steel bar better. Therefore, the structure and principle of the straightening machine should be clearly understood during use. In this way, problems in use can be quickly found and the straightening efficiency of steel bars can be improved.

1. Correct Use of Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

1. Preparation before operation

A. Before operation, check the firmness and position of fixed and moving tools;

B. Check whether the machine is well lubricated and whether the oil supply system is unblocked;

C. Check whether the protection facilities are complete and reliable, whether the motor connection is firm, whether the grounding is intact, and whether the voltage is consistent.

2. Operational requirements

A. The starting device (including the machine) should be located in a place convenient for the operator, and if there is any change, it should be adjusted in time;

B. When cutting fine reinforcement, the reinforcement shall be straightened and shall not form an arc;

C, when cutting materials, firmly grasp the steel bar. When the movable blade moves backward, put the steel bar into the blade to prevent the end of the steel bar from swinging or jumping out to hurt people. When the movable blade moves forward, do not feed to avoid machine or life safety accidents.

3. Responding to emergencies.

A. In the process of cutting and batching, if cracks in steel bars are found, shrinkage or severe bending must be eliminated;

B. Experienced operators know that it is strictly forbidden to cut steel beyond the specified range of machine performance and steel bars beyond the hardness of the blade or burning red.

Maintenance tips of 2. steel bar straightening and cutting machine

1. Paint or lubricant to prevent rust.

The rebar straightening and cutting machine should always be kept clean, and the equipment should be kept clean. The newly purchased steel bar straightening and cutting machine has been painted. When the machine is not in use, please try to spray paint or apply lubricant to prevent the machine from rusting, especially the blade parts. Lubrication can reduce the friction loss and wear of the relative moving contact surface, and play the role of cooling, heat dissipation, rust prevention and cleaning of wear debris.

2. Check whether the accessories are firm.

The steel bar straightening and cutting machine often checks whether the bolts and other accessories of each component are firm. If the attachment is not strong, it will cause noise pollution, which will affect the workers and the machine itself. Mechanical operation is usually a long-term, high-intensity environment.