What is the working principle of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine?

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The working principle of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine is: after the diesel engine is decelerated by the secondary gear, it drives the crank wheel to rotate, and the monitoring shaft pushes the connecting rod, so that the slider and the moving blade move back and forth in the body slideway, so that the moving blade and the fixed blade Cross-cut the steel bar. Steel cutting machine structure: The machine is composed of walking wheel, frame, transmission device, body, clutch, cutter head, cutter seat, etc.

1. steel bar straightening and cutting machine use precautions are as follows:

1. Preparation before use

1) Add qualified diesel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water to the diesel engine according to the operating instructions of the diesel engine.

2) Open the oil filling dome of the upper cover of the tool, and inject 8-10kg N150-220# gear oil into the cavity.

3) Check the bolt tightness of all parts. (The 8 M20 high-strength bolts on the large side cover should be tightened every working day to prevent loosening)

4) No-load test run for 10 minutes. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it shall be shut down for maintenance in time.

5) Check whether the blades are installed correctly and firmly. The horizontal clearance between the two blades should be between 0.2 mm-0 and 8mm.

2. Matters needing attention in the use of steel bar cutting machine

1) The middle and lower parts of the cutting machine need to cut steel bars. Unless it is necessary to avoid excessive fatigue at the end of the body, the upper part of the cutting machine should not be used.

2) The shape of the fixed blade is rectangular (100x 75x 28mm). When cutting steel bars smaller than 38mm, use a long blade as a cutter; when cutting steel bars larger than 38mm, use a short-edge milling cutter. Be sure to check whether the blade is loose during use. After the blade collapses, the blade should be replaced in time to avoid increasing the cutting resistance and damaging other parts after the blade is passivated.

3. Use of clutch

1) After the steel bar to be cut is placed in the cutting position, adjust the fixing and adjusting screws to a position close to the steel bar, and then step on the clutch pedal to cut the steel bar. Step on it. Do not step on the knife for more than 2 seconds, otherwise the knife will be cut off continuously.

2) When stepping on the clutch, the clutch should be stepped on to a large stroke, which usually causes premature damage to the clutch.

Operation Method of 2. Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

1. The loading and unloading workbench of the steel bar cutting machine should be level with the lower part of the tool, and the length of the workbench can be determined according to the length of the processed material.

2. Before starting, check and confirm that the tool is free of cracks, the tool holder bolts are fastened, and the protective cover is firm. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing gap and adjust the tool gap.

3. After starting, the idling operation should be carried out first, and the operation can only be started after checking whether all transmission parts and bearings are working normally.

4. When the machine does not reach the normal speed, cutting is not allowed. When cutting materials, the middle and lower parts of the tool should be used, and the steel bars should be closely aligned with the blade and put into use quickly. The operator should stand on the side of the fixed blade and press the steel bar to prevent the end of the steel bar from popping out and hurting people. It is forbidden to hold the rebar on both sides of the blade with both hands and bend over to feed.

5. It is not allowed to cut steel bars and red hot steel bars whose diameter and strength exceed the specified value of the mechanical nameplate. When cutting more than one reinforcement at a time, the total cross-sectional area shall be within the specified range.

6. When cutting low alloy steel, the high hardness tool should be replaced, and the cutting diameter should conform to the provisions of the mechanical nameplate.

When cutting short materials, the distance between the hand and the tool should be kept above 150mm. If the hand end is less than 400mm, the short end of the bar shall be pressed down or clamped with a sleeve or clamp.

8. When operating the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, it is strictly forbidden to clean the broken ends and sundries near the cutting machine by hand. Non-operating personnel shall not stay around the steel bar swing and cutting machine.

9. If the machine has abnormal operation, abnormal noise or tool skew, stop the machine for maintenance immediately.

10. After the operation is over, cut off the power supply, use a wire brush to clean the debris between the tools, and clean and lubricate the whole machine.