Analysis of Vertical Reinforcement Bending Center

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Vertical reinforcement bending center (CNC reinforcement bending center) is designed for high performance products of main skeleton reinforcement in super high-rise buildings, highway engineering, high-speed railway construction, large-scale bridge construction and other engineering projects in concrete engineering. The bending center can process high-strength threaded steel with a diameter of up to 32mm. The characteristic is that there is also a steel bar fixing mechanism in the middle, and there are two heads that can move and bend at will on the designated guide rail. Both the professional ability to do double bending together in the work task unit.

Vertical steel bending center product advantages:

1. Walking bending full servo motor to ensure the accuracy of walking and bending.

2. The manufacturing efficiency of numerical control steel bar bending hoop machine is higher, with a daily production of about 6,000-8,000.

3. Able to shape special-shaped drawings such as vests at one time, such as prefabricated box girders, T-beams, capping beams, pile caps, and a machine for multiple purposes.

4. The vertical steel bar bending center has a unique bending mechanism design; in the bending link, the steel bar is not easy to separate the Quaqu mold, which brings more reliable personal protection for the control workers.



5. The lifting mechanism is driven by AC servo motor, rack and pinion transmission mechanism, and the fixed-length baffle is controlled. The bending head is relatively stable and the fixed-length accuracy is high.

6. The brake assembly system adopts fine rack engagement. The brake system can ensure that the head is not easy to move the head seat due to tensile resistance during the bending of the steel bar, thus ensuring the accuracy of the steel bar production and processing specifications.

7. Rolling automatic feeding platform, can carry a large number of raw materials.

8. Vertical steel bending center can be rotated and 360, the minimum center distance can reach 340mm, Siemens PLC, stable and easy to operate.

Wuxi Huaxia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has multiple configurations of CNC vertical steel bending center. For example, the horseshoe tendon, which often occurs in the Yunguichuan area, has a small minimum spacing. This cannot be done with a normal bending center. Therefore, our self-developed 32c bending center can solve this problem very well. Of course, if there is no very special graphics, ordinary steel bending center can be processed. For example, 32a and 32b rebar bending machines. These two types of bending machines are very common in the market, but there are differences in configuration, such as motors, reducers, etc.

Safe operation procedures for CNC vertical bar bending center: it must be placed horizontally. If the foundation on the construction site is uneven or the ground subsidence, the inclination is too large, it must be measured and adjusted. Before operation, bending columns and tools of various specifications should be prepared. Bending columns and bending dowel sleeves of corresponding dimensions shall be assembled in accordance with the standard for the diameter and bending radius of the production of construction steel bars. The platform service of the building steel pillar at the front of the machine head must be changed to be on the same parallel plane as the upper parallel plane of the lower column of the bending column, and the bottom edge of the upper supporting plate of the locking assembly must be changed to be on the same parallel plane as the lower parallel plane on the bending column. The bending column and bending pin sleeve shall be inspected and checked for cracks and damage, and can be operated after no-load operation. When working, confirm that the steel bar in the steel bar bending machine has been compressed, and then it can be bent. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to replace the bending column, bend the pin sleeve and speed regulation, and do not clean and refuel.