Mobile five-head hoop bending machine with high working efficiency and convenient operation

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generallyFive-head bending hoop machineIt is used to make concrete steel bar skeleton, but in the prior art, the steel bar bending hoop machine has only one head, and the head is fixed and cannot be moved during operation, and can only be bent once, let alone online operation. When making large-size steel bar hoop bending parts, it is necessary to manually transport the steel bar for single bending. Due to the long conveying size, manual operation is difficult and work efficiency is low.


To this end, the main technical problem to be solved by domestic technicians is to provide a mobile five-head bending machine with high work efficiency and convenient operation. In order to solve the above technical problems, the technical solution adopted by the five-head bending hoop machine is to provide a mobile type including a head matched with a guide rail.Five-head bending hoop machine, The movable seat is provided with a chute matched with the cross section of the guide rail. The machine head includes a movable seat, and the guide rail passes through the chute; in the center of the movable seat, there is a hollow part for placing the jacking cylinder in order to keep the movable seat in a static state, The upper part of the jacking cylinder is in contact with the movable seat. The lower part of the movable seat is in contact with the guide rail. When the top shaft cylinder rises, the movable seat is locked with the guide rail. The upper part of the movable seat is provided with a headgear, and the headgear is hinged with the hollow shaft. One end of the hollow shaft is connected with a working disk, the edge of the working disk is connected with a bending pin, and the center pin protrudes from the center of the working disk. The center pin passes through the hollow portion of the hollow shaft and is driven to expand and contract by the cylinder. The hollow shaft is matched with the rack driven by the push cylinder through the gear. In the scheme technology, the guide rail is I-shaped, and a gear rack structure cooperating with each other is provided between the guide rail and the movable seat, and the movable seat moves on the guide rail to control the rotation of the gear. In the technical solution, the lifting stroke of the jacking cylinder can be shortened by adding a cushion block, and a cushion block is also placed between the jacking cylinder and the guide rail. In the technical solution, the hollow part of the hollow shaft is located at the center of the shaft, and the guide rail is provided with a plurality of heads.

AboveFive-head bending hoop machineThe advantages are: when working, the steel bar is placed on the bending pin, and then the driving cylinder is controlled to drive the hollow shaft to extend from the cylinder control center pin, so that the working disc connected with the hollow shaft is also moved, and the bending pin is driven by the working disc. The steel bar can be operated online by setting multiple heads on the guide rail, and the position distribution of the head can be quickly adjusted through the guide rail to adapt to steel bars of different lengths, which can obviously improve the operation efficiency, the operation is more convenient.