The advantages and performance of the fully automatic hoop bending machine

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The advantages and performance of the fully automatic hoop bending machine
The working positioning shaft hole of the full-automatic hoop bending machine is generally arranged on the top plate positioning square rod. Check whether the mechanical performance of the equipment is good, adhere to the smooth appearance of the work table and the pipe bender, in the processed steel bar diameter and bending, according to the requirements for the steel bar shaft or variable steel bar bracket. Shape the shaft, change the viewpoint and speed, stop the refueling and cleaning during the operation, understand the reverse switch during the operation, operate the rotation direction of the operation panel, make the steel bar placement and the block frame placement, and the rotation direction of the work to avoid dumping. Assuming that the forward rotation-stop-rotation is carried out after changing the direction of the work plate to stop, it is not allowed to rotate directly from forward rotation or from reverse rotation. Then, let's learn about the advantages and performance of the full-automatic hoop bending machine!

It is forbidden to have no fixed station on the steel bending radius and the side of the machine body of the automatic hoop bending machine. It can be operated by one person, and only one machine can be added to save time and effort. It can be said that "craftsman's work" has become "craftsman's work".

The full-automatic hoop bending machine has three advantages: fast speed, the first machine of the numerical control steel bar five machines adopts full hydraulic automatic control, low noise and fast speed, automatic control, each group of hoop processing actions is completed within 3-6 seconds, and the production speed is 3-4 higher than that of manual production time. The labor intensity of workers is high, and the speed will drop sharply after working for a long time. The CNC steel bar five-machine head machine only needs to directly provide high-performance processing strip steel with fast speed and strong practicability, and can carry out inspection and maintenance on time.

The automatic hoop bending machine belongs to the improvement of the structure of the steel bar bending machine. Fully automatic hoop bending machine, CNC steel bar bending machine, and steel bar bending machine are composed of two sets of horizontal and vertical automatically adjustable straightening wheels, combined with four traction wheels, driven by imported servo motors, so that steel bar straightening reaches High precision, one of the steel bar processing machinery.

Manual calibration is slow, labor-intensive and inefficient. After manual correction, both ends of each section of steel bar should be cut, and the cut part becomes waste material, resulting in material waste. In the process of manual straightening, it is difficult to control the length of the next straightening. In this way, materials will also be wasted when blanking. The traditional way of working more and more can not meet the needs of production, this time need to be used for automatic intelligent CNC bending machine, and automatic bending hoop machine is one of the production machinery required by steel processing enterprises. The CNC steel bending machine has high precision bending, stable speed and simple operation.

Traditional manually processed steel bars have problems such as large stirrup opening and stirrup deformation caused by angle deviation. The direct supply adjustment system of the full-automatic hoop bending machine consists of two sets of adjustable horizontal and vertical correction wheels, equipped with a traction mechanism and driven by a servo motor. The bending arm with good steel bar correction can select oil and expand and contract. The oil speed of the shearing mechanism completes the shearing action, reliably reports the bending accuracy of the steel bar, and the tool for the steel bar processing plant to complete standardized engineering.

The above is the advantages and performance of the automatic hoop bending machine. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!