Future trends in CNC intelligent rebar processing equipment.

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CNC steel processing equipment refers to the use of computer digital program control technology processing wire rod and straight bar steel, so that the length, size, shape to meet the specific requirements of the construction or directly form the mechanical equipment of steel components. Steel processing methods mainly include: bending hoop, straightening, shearing, bending, strengthening, component forming, etc. China's steel processing machinery is in the cutting machine, bending machine, straightening cutting machine and other products on the basis of the beginning of development, since the reform and opening up in the product structure, variety, performance, output and other aspects have been developed rapidly.In China, there are hundreds of enterprises engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of semi-automatic and automatic steel bar processing equipment, of which small single-machine production enterprises account for the majority, mainly producing simple steel bar straightening, cutting, bending and other mechanical products. These products can simply process steel bars, and there are few production enterprises that can produce high-efficiency and energy-saving middle and high-end CNC steel bar processing equipment and realize import substitution. Production of high-end CNC steel processing equipment in the domestic enterprises are also few. (Source: Internet NetEase)