Identification method of quality of steel bar straightening machine

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  Rebar straightening machineWhat is the security technology? Let's find out.

1. When installing the bearing frame, the center line of the bearing frame trough should be aligned with the problem guide cylinder, the center line of the straightening cylinder and the lower cutter hole.

2. After installation, check whether the electrical system and other parts are damaged, whether the connection part of the machine is firm and reliable, and whether the transmission part is flexible. After confirming that all components are normal, the test run can be carried out. During the test run, the temperature of the bearing shall be checked to see if the hammer head, cutter, shear gear and other workpieces are normal. After confirming that there is no abnormal situation, feeding, trial straightening and cutting can be carried out.

3. According to the diameter of the required straightening steel bar, select the appropriate straightening block, traction sheave groove and transmission development speed. The aperture of the straightening block shall be 2mm ~ 5mm larger than the diameter of the steel bar, and the width of the traction sheave groove shall be consistent with the diameter of the required straightening steel bar.

4. Need to pay attention to adjust the straightening block. In the straightening box, there are generally five straightening blocks. The first and last straightening blocks need to be placed on the center line. The middle three straightening blocks can deviate from the center line. First, the steel bar is offset by about 3mm. After the test straightening, if the steel bar still bends slowly, the offset can be gradually increased until straightening.

5. A steel pipe with a length of about 1m shall be installed at the front of the guide cylinder. The steel bar to be straightened shall pass through the steel pipe first and then enter the guide cylinder and the straightening cylinder to prevent the end of each steel bar from popping up and hurting people at the end of straightening.

6. Before the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bar shall not be put into the straightening block to prevent the straightening block from flying out after the machine is started to hurt people.

  Rebar straightening machineWhat are the improvement measures? Let's find out below.

  Rebar straightening machineThere is a potential safety hazard. In view of this situation, improvements should be made: a bell-shaped inlet barrel is made at the steel bar entrance of the steel bar straightening machine, a 40 mm × 40 mm square tube is used, and a shelf with appropriate height is made according to the shape of the bell mouth. The height is adapted to the height at the entrance of the steel bar straightening machine. The bell mouth is made of threaded steel with a diameter of 14mm as the main reinforcement, with a length of 2.5m and a spacing of not more than 200mm, the steel bar with a diameter of 10mm shall be welded with the main reinforcement by spiral stirrup. The diameter of the large mouth of the horn is 1m, and the diameter of the small mouth is 0.2m. When the round steel is straightened through the bell mouth, it basically moves in a straight line and enters the steel straightening machine, which is safe and reduces the damage to the machinery, and removes the hidden danger that may cause injury to pedestrians and operators when the round steel is set out.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of steel straightening, it is necessary to do the first step of steel straightening construction technology.

What is the method of identifying the quality of the steel bar straightening machine? Let's take a look.

1. The straightening roller device rotates flexibly without obvious gap feeling. 2. The straightening roller is firmly connected with the shell. 3. The installation position of the straightening roller bearing, retaining ring and protective cover shall meet the requirements of the assembly drawing. 4. The pre-tightening force of each bolt shall meet the requirements of the standard. 5. The installation position and assembly clearance of connecting rod, connecting pin and rocker arm shall conform to the assembly drawing. 6. The handwheel device rotates flexibly without obvious clearance. 7. The center line of the straightening roller is consistent with the center of the inlet and outlet wire mouth. 8. Before assembly, grease should be applied between rotating parts. 9. Whether all kinds of safety signs are complete and fixed in eye-catching positions.