Introduction to the operating procedures of the steel bar straightening machine

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Generally, the spacing between the fixed blade and the moving blade of the steel bar straightening machine is 0.5~1mm. Two material stopping frames are installed on the machine base designed on both sides of the knife edge to reduce the swing of the steel bar. The design of the machine is reasonable, and the coefficient is increased under the condition of increasing the speed, thus solving the accidental injury caused by the short cutting distance of the steel bar and the flying out of the material head. The steel bar straightening machine belongs to mechanical transmission, because of its simple structure, easy to use and is widely used.

The operation principle of the steel bar straightening machine is that the motor drives the speed up through the belt to make the straightening cylinder rotate at a high speed. The steel bar passing through the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bar is removed by the straightening die. The motor drives two conveying pressure rollers through another pair of reduction belt transmission and gear reduction box, on the one hand, to pull the steel bar forward, and on the other hand, to drive the crank wheel to make the hammer head move up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer strikes the blade holder to cut the steel bar, and when the cut steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the blade holder returns to its original position due to the action of the spring, and the cycle is completed.

What are the operating procedures of the steel bar straightening machine? Let's take a look.

1. requirements before operation. 1. Check whether the diameter of the straightening steel bar is suitable for the scope of mechanical use. 2. Check whether the machine is fixed firmly. 3. Check whether the protective facilities of the machine are complete and reliable. 4. Check whether the lubrication of the machine is good. 5. Check whether we can place the straightening die correctly. 6. Before use, a suitable pressure roller groove width can be selected according to different steel bar diameters. The general development situation should ensure that the engineering steel bar penetrates into the pressure roller with a gap within 3mm. 7, check the electrical part of the enterprise for damage, the body grounding system is good. Whether the power supply voltage and working voltage are consistent. 8, steel straightening machine electricity to strictly require the implementation of a machine, a brake, a box of a leak protection provisions.

2. the requirements in the job. 1. Cleaning, refueling and repair are not allowed during work. 2. When using the automatic straightening device to straighten the steel bars, check whether the braking of the winch is flexible in advance. Pedestrians are not allowed to pass over the drawstrings and steel bars being straightened. 3. Do not lift the conveying roller at will when working, so as not to damage the machine. 4. The end of the straightening rod should be 8cm. After stopping the machine, loosen the guide hole at the front end of the straightening cylinder, and then start the machine to make the steel bar pass through the straightening cylinder to avoid hurting people.

Post -3. requirements. 1. Turn off the power supply and protect the electrical switch. 2. Daily warranty work according to the requirements of the machine.

4. other aspects.

1, the machine is not allowed to stack objects, in order to prevent mechanical vibration objects into the body. 2. When the steel bar enters the drum, the hand and the drum should keep a certain distance. The rollers shall not be adjusted during the operation of the machine equipment. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves for surgery. 3. When the steel bar is adjusted to the end, the staff needs to move to the side to prevent swing injuries. 4, shorter than 2m or diameter greater than 9mm steel straightening, should be low speed processing. 5. All operators shall take up their posts with certificates. 6. No drinking before and during operation. 7, without permission, shall not contract any business unrelated to this project.