What are the functions and characteristics of the steel bar straightening machine? Do you know?

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  Rebar straightening machineThe structure is that the angle of the straight wire die can be adjusted by high speed and rotation of the rotor to achieve the effect of straightening. Then we pick up the wire forward through the wire wheel. After the wire reaches the required size, we touch the positioning key and push the walkway forward by 5mm. The upper punching machine presses the vertical line cutter to cut off the wire immediately. The wire is pressed down by the pressure plate on the vertical line cutter to the open bearing, and the wire automatically fall into the wire rack, please move the navigation key.

  Rebar straightening machineIt has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient operation and reliable operation of enterprises, and is suitable for chicken cages, rabbit cages, construction nets, various control welding wires, shule plate plug wire cutting and straightening of special-shaped mesh wires.

What are the functions and characteristics of the steel bar straightening machine? Let's take a look.

1. There is no error in the length of the cut steel bar. 2. Double head pull type. 3. The rebar is adjusted and pulled out. 4. Tungsten steel mold is used for construction wire. 5. The product wire adopts the ball end mold, and the steel bar transferred out will generally not cause damage to the surface.

  Rebar straightening machineHow does it work? Let's find out.

First of all, the motor drives the speed increase through the belt to make the straightening cylinder rotate at a high speed, straighten the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder, and remove the rust on the surface of the steel bars through the straightening die.

By the motor through another pair of speed reduction belt transmission and reducer, on the one hand, drive the two transmission pressure roller, traction rod forward movement, on the other hand, drive the crank wheel, make the hammer move up and down.

When the steel rod is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer hammer hits the tool holder to cut the steel rod. When the cut steel rod falls into the receiving frame, the tool holder returns to the original position due to the action of the spring, completing the cycle.

What are the installation precautions of the steel bar straightening machine? Let's take a look.

1. The installation site must be provided with a strong and drainage system and a reliable equipment foundation.

2. Warning areas and warning signs shall be set up around the site of steel bar straightening machinery processing enterprises, and construction management protection fences shall be set up.

Three towers. Fences and anti-smashing sheds shall be set up inside and outside the rotation radius of the crane, with electricity specifications and zero connection, grounding and leakage protection devices.

4. Operators shall be trained in operation skills and qualified before taking up their posts.

What are the operating procedures of the steel bar straightening machine? Let's take a look.

1. The equipment shall be in charge of by special personnel and shall be employed with certificates. 2. During the operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine too far, and the machine will be shut down when the upper plate, threading and lead head are cut off. 3. In the process of steel bar straightening, when the steel bar jumps out of the tray guide groove, the top cannot reach the fixed length mechanism, or the steel bar is broken, the limit switch should be pressed in time to stop cutting the steel bar, and it can only be used after adjustment. 4. When each steel plate is adjusted to the end or the short steel bar is straightened, the steel bar should be pulled to the straight guide cylinder and the sleeve should be held in hand to avoid hurting people when shaking freely. 5. The steel bar shall not be penetrated before the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, so as to prevent the straightening block from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started. 6. During the operation of the machine, the drum shall not be adjusted, it is strictly forbidden to operate with gloves, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance during the operation of the machine. 7. Straighten and cut steel bars shall be divided into small bundles and neatly stacked according to specifications and root numbers. Quality accidents caused by different composition and performance of steel bars are not allowed to be stacked at will. 8. Strictly implement the "Cross Operation Policy" to ensure that the machinery is in good working condition.