Take a look at the types of prefabricated buildings and the important links of prefabricated building steel structure

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Take a look at the types of prefabricated buildings and the important links of prefabricated building steel structure

There are three main ways of prefabricated engineering buildings:

1. Prefabricated reinforced concrete method (assembled monolithic concrete structure)

Prefabricated reinforced concrete to precast components of concrete engineering (also known as PC precast components) as the structural structure, through the factory prefabricated components, on-site installation and connection, and in a part of the prefabricated concrete structure.

2. Prefabricated steel structure

Prefabricated steel structure engineering buildings with steel beams and steel columns as an important load-bearing structure. The steel structure engineering building itself has light weight, large span, good impact resistance and durability, obvious heat insulation and sound insulation effects, which is in line with the policy of sustainable development, especially for single-family villas, multi-high-rise buildings, office buildings and other industrial buildings and engineering buildings.

3. Prefabricated container house

Prefabricated container building is based on shipping containers as the basic unit, in the construction site production of each module and interior decoration, and then transported to the construction site, quickly assembled into a variety of styles of engineering buildings. Box-type engineering building is a kind of prefabricated building developed under the premise of board-type engineering building. The level of construction scale of this project is very high, and the assembly is fast on the spot. Generally, not only part of the box structure is carried out in the factory, but also the interior decoration and equipment are installed, and even the furniture and blankets can be assembled. The box can be hoisted and connected to the pipeline.

The important link of steel structure of assembly building

At this stage, the construction drawing design stage has important hazards to the quality and cost of the steel structure of the assembly building. Construction drawing design generally includes engineering construction drawing design, construction drawing design, pipeline construction drawing design 3 major areas. At the level of engineering construction drawing design, the floor plan specifications of the cabinet and bathroom need to meet the needs of standardized overall kitchen and bathroom, and the structural dimensions of the windows and doors need to understand how the capacity of prefabricated components can better analyze many problems such as anti-penetration and moisture-proof in depth in order to select scientific and reasonable joint design methods. Therefore, when carrying out the design of structural construction drawings, the design schemes such as fixed plate and compressive strength machine should be considered clearly, and the temporary support embedded parts and the application embedded parts should not be used at the same time. Pipeline construction drawing design, rely on BIM methods to avoid impact as much as possible, curve pipelines or pipelines with few fittings should avoid linear pipelines as much as possible.

Although the main project of steel structure has been very perfect, the enclosure system of the steel structure of the assembly building includes the enclosure wall, the dense rib floor and the professional and technical relativity of the roof truss is backward. Therefore, how to integrate the enclosure system into the steel structure assembly, light weight, multi-functionality and other services, at the same time also need to integrate the integrated design, collaborative management, interior decoration and other technical performance, is an important problem in the construction of prefabricated building steel structure. The building envelope system should always adhere to the systematic and logical thinking of industrial development, that is, the formulation of standards, the deepening of design, the production and manufacturing of supporting facilities, the construction and installation, the information management, the maintenance of service items and other links of the building envelope system, and the overall scheme of industrialization should be produced, which is not suitable for single-place, partition-place and fault-type thinking. In order to further improve the assembly, the connection method of the enclosure system should use high-strength bolt connection, lock fastener connection, modular connection and other technologies and new technologies as far as possible.