What is the concept of prefabricated buildings? What is the quality of prefabricated buildings?

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Nowprefabricated buildingIt has been mentioned more and more frequently, and it has been vigorously publicized by the state in recent years. However, in the understanding of ordinary people, we only think that prefabricated buildings are building houses like building blocks, and we know nothing about other concepts. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the concept of assembly building and its quality.

First of all,prefabricated buildingWhat is the concept?

  1、prefabricated building

Some or all components of the building are prefabricated in the factory and transported to the construction site. Buildings assembled in a reliable connection are called prefabricated buildings.

2. Assembly proportion.

Within the scope of the building monomer, the proportion of all concrete quantities used in the precast concrete quantities is called the assembly rate. Usually calculated by plus or minus 0 or more, the country has no unified clear provisions for the time being.

The assembly rate index reflects the degree of industrialization of the building. The higher the assembly rate, the higher the degree of industrialization.

3. Assembly rate.

The ratio of the area of building units meeting the assembly rate requirements to the total area of the project. The state also does not have uniform and clear regulations, which are generally controlled in the process of land transfer and project construction by local construction authorities.

4. Assembled monolithic concrete structure

Precast concrete members or parts are connected to concrete by applying reinforcement, connectors and prestressing, and poured on site to form an integral structure.

According to the mature design and construction methods in the industry at present, the horizontal components adopt overlapping components, and the vertical components are basically the models of cast-in-place buildings that are mainly used. The structural system is generally considered as the entire structural system, which can basically meet the seismic requirements.

2.prefabricated buildingthe quality of what?

1. Energy saving

Since the outer panel is re-clamped with a 50-thick extruded plate in the middle of the concrete on both sides, one of its thermal insulation properties is basically better than the external thermal insulation of the external wall or the internal thermal insulation of the external wall of the existing building. At the same time, it can solve the internal spalling phenomenon of external wall caused by external insulation of traditional buildings.

(2) Environmental protection.

Because they are all factory-based production models, part of the construction waste on the construction site is also greatly reduced, which is very environmentally friendly.

3. Save templates

Because the laminated slab is used as the bottom formwork of the floor slab and the hanging slab is used as the side formwork of the shear wall, a lot of formwork can be saved.

4. Shorten the construction period

A large number of wall panels and prefabricated stacking plant production, greatly reducing the intensity of on-site construction, omitting the masonry and gypsum process, greatly shortening the entire construction period.

From the above Xiaobian to share with you the concept of assembly building and its quality of knowledge, now the understanding of it is not deeper? Assembly building has many advantages, the quality is better, components can be standardized mass production, not affected by weather conditions, in terms of quality is also more reliable.