What is the price of the full-automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine to configure the imported motor

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  Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineUsing stainless steel panels, no rust, and a special design structure with imported servo motors, which can easily cope with ribbed steel bars. Using numerical control, the steel ruler is accurately and automatically completed, the linear bending, cutting, and production efficiency are 10-15 workers' productivity, saving-storage-single diameter 4-12mm wire rod can handle the bending of the steel bar The bending mechanism improves the straightening effect of the steel bar to prevent the axial distortion of the steel bar. The traction mechanism that the two steel bars can be tightened separately ensures the synchronous requirements of the two steel bars. The horizontal calibration mechanism can calibrate each steel bar separately, and the calibration in the horizontal direction can make the two steel bars parallel,Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineSo as to ensure the bending quality of the steel bar. The vertical straightening mechanism straightens each steel bar separately to ensure the straightening quality of the steel bar. All rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel, with good hardness and wear resistance, which improves the service life. There is a steel bar forming machine near the corner, which can control the steel bar and ensure the bending quality.

  Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineThe equipment has low failure rate, fast bending of steel bars, low energy consumption, no roll, low noise and light vibration. With the application, reliable operation and other functions. The operation is light, flexible and easy to move. The automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine is suitable for large-scale construction units and steel bar processing plants. It can produce 4-6 tons per day. The ruler is suitable for mass and factory work. The angle adjustment range is wide. It can be adjusted at will from 0 to 180 degrees. It can bend square, trapezoidal stirrups and U-shaped hooks. It is suitable for construction, bridges, and tunnels. Stirrup processing of prefabricated components and other projects.

The advantages of automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine:

1. Automatic steel bending and mechanical production equipment at the same time with straightening function, one-time use more.

2. Use intelligent control to process various large, square, diamond size specifications, polygons, etc.

3. From raw materials to stirrup forming products, it can process cold-rolled and hot-rolled high-strength steel wire.

4, high production efficiency, 20~30 artificial equivalent.

5. Strong equipment and practicability, as long as one person operates, it can save a lot of manpower.

6, save raw materials, continue to form in the work, the formation of almost no enhanced varicella loss.

7. Small footprint, saving straightening and shearing work areas may be located in narrow work areas.

8. Comparison between automatic bending machine with very low equipment maintenance cost and energy consumption and traditional manual semi-mechanized production: traditional semi-mechanized (direct shear forming)