Automatic cnc bending hoop machine how to operate?

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The detour center of the full-automatic numerical control hoop bending machine has a unique detour organization design. In the detour link, it is not easy for steel bars to bend the mold separately, which brings more reliable personal maintenance for controlling employees. The lifting organization is driven by AC servo motor, rack and pinion transmission organization, and fixed-size baffle plate control. The detour head is relatively stable and has high fixed-size accuracy.


Repeated experiments, repeated updates and improvements, finally made Yongtuo's fully automatic hoop bending machine leap into the forefront of the country. The straightening system and the two-wheel reverse feeding system to prevent the steel bar from changing have been developed to fill the gap in China. After several generations of updates, it has obtained more than ten patents, and some technologies are the first in the world.


The braking system adopts fine rack engagement. The braking system can ensure that the head is not easy to move the head seat due to tensile resistance during the steel bar detour link, thus ensuring the accuracy of the steel bar production and processing specifications. 7. Rolling active feeding channel can carry a lot of original data. 8. Vertical steel bar detour center can be rotated and 360, and the minimum center interval can reach 340mm. Siemens PLC is stable and easy to operate.