What are the advantages of automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine?

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The full-automatic CNC steel bar bending machine is mainly a five-base steel bending machine, which is mainly used by the five-base steel bending machine to act on the steel bar, and the produced steel bar can be processed into the shape you want.

  Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineIt is suitable for the automatic five-base steel bending machine used by construction companies. It uses a wide range of rectangular stirrups. Square stirrups can be processed by 3000 per hour. Good mechanical properties, easy operation, length measurement, automatic bending, rapid prototyping, the use of CNC technology, can replace the length of steel bars, fixed diameter, straight bending, cutting, production efficiency, high labor productivity of 10-15 workers, saving-saving-There are two kinds of traction mechanisms for tightening two steel bars respectively. The horizontal straightening mechanism ensures the parallelism of the two steel bars and the bending quality of the steel bars. The vertical straightening mechanism ensures the straightening quality of each steel bar. All rollers are made of high-strength, wear-resistant high-quality alloy steel, and are controlled by a steel bar forming machine near the corner.

Fully automatic numerical control steel bar bending hoop machine is mainly used for tunnel, bridge and other engineering projects grid arch, flower arch production of steel bar eight-character section. Using the new technology of grid arch processed by this equipment, the common problem of grid arch made by electric wires is overcome. The full-automatic numerical control steel bar bending hoop machine effectively solves the force reduction caused by insufficient contact area in the recess between the two eight-shaped joints. The full-automatic numerical control steel bar bending hoop machine successfully solves the contact length between the eight-shaped joints and the main reinforcement joint, and reduces the number of welded nodes to a very low level, which is of great significance. It is very important to work, save materials, operate, master, and reduce costs.


  1.Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineIt is suitable for the production of 8-shaped steel bars in tunnel arch and grid arch;

2. 8-character steel bar production, a molding, the process without manual intervention, the whole process of automation;

3. It can be used with automatic feeding device and closing device, without manual feeding and closing folding;

4. The production capacity of the automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine can reach 1500/8 hours, which greatly improves productivity and reduces labor costs;

5. Steel bar shearing, bending forming, welding forming, organic perfect combination, size and specification production;

6. Programmable PLC control, electronic positioning, touch screen display;

7. The use of hydraulic operation mode, you can adjust the operating frequency without authorization;

8. Resistance butt welding, welding joint smooth and firm;

9. Use interchangeable precision molds to realize the processing of multi-specification products;

10. Product molding standard, no deformation;

  11.Automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machineProduction efficiency is 8-10 times the traditional production efficiency;

12. Low power consumption, no accessories consumption, production costs greatly reduced;

13. It creates good economic benefits for construction enterprises and improves the construction image.