Method of setting shape of bending center of vertical reinforcement

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There are two methods for setting the bending center shape of vertical reinforcement:Vertical bar bending centerShape setting, draw the shape according to the shape of the production steel bar, press the storage and production buttons to store the data. If the shape in current production is stored in the database, you can open the database to call the storage shape, click the refining button to refine the style into the manufacturing screen, then click the common sense screen button of the manual steel bar repeated bending tester, and click the manufacturing screen. If some data is inconsistent with the manufacturing data, you can also start the storage button after writing to store the data. After completing the shape setup, click the Production Confirmation button to start production. After the fully automatic operation is normal, it is put into the steel bar for trial operation to determine whether the steel bar manufactured meets the paper demand. If it does not meet the standard, it can be adjusted through a variety of basic compensation parameters on the screen until the standard products are manufactured and then produced in batches. With the wide popularization and application of vertical steel bar bending center, it has been widely used in vertical steel bar bending center.

1. Rebar tray adopts crank connecting rod mechanism. Under the support of the steel tray, the steel bar is transferred to the top of the curved head to facilitate the operator to discharge the material and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. In addition, it is driven by a motor, all tray rods are consistent, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

2. The lifting mechanism of bending head uses sensitive gear and rack to solve the problem of insufficient gear between rack and gear due to production difference. The rack is thicker and more rigid, and the walking position is more accurate and stable.

3. The curved spindle adopts spline design. The spindle bearing itself is made of excellent alloy steel through special technology, which has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and long service life.


4. Left and right bent machine head and gripper are equipped with rebar automatic unloading hook. When processing long steel bars, the automatic unloading of steel bars can still be realized.

  5.Vertical bar bending centerThere is a steel chip collecting protective cover on the bending disc to prevent large quantities of iron chips from falling into the reducer and causing damage to the reducer.

6. The bent head is assembled with deflection, which is easy to discharge and pour steel.

7. Rebar gripper using double effect cylinder. When clamping the steel bar, please make sure that the clamp is not adjusted when changing the steel bar specification.

8. The operating system of the vertical steel bar bending center has a flexible safety protection function to prevent the bending action from being performed and the mechanical mechanism is damaged when the bending detection photoelectric failure.

  9.Vertical bar bending centerThe operating system has a powerful database. Compared with the large arc and the total length of the adjustable change rib, it can also be quickly set without manual input of technical parameters every time.

At present, in China's highway construction planning, railway construction, intercity rail transit construction planning, subway light rail construction planning and other construction projects, steel production and processing has achieved extensive publicity and common use. Before the start of the reinforcement lap project to enhance the quality of the process, the joint process inspection of the reinforcement entered by different reinforcement manufacturers shall be strengthened. In the construction process, the process inspection shall be supplemented during the replacement of the steel bar manufacturer.