Introduction to the use of vertical reinforcement bending center

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  Safe operation procedures for vertical bar bending centers.

1. Production settings: select the mold, set the length of the steel bar, and plan the production. According to the difference of steel bar type, the quantity of steel bar produced at each time is selected.

2. Performance parameters: the distance between the left machine and the right machine, the distance between the baffle plates, the specific working positions of the left machine and the right machine in reverse bending, the movement rate of the left machine and the right machine, the bending rate of the left bending and the right bending (the secondary electric rate should be adjusted slowly, and the rate can be accelerated after the action is normal). Pay close attention to the extension time and adjust the extension time of steel bar release.

3. Program editing: After drawing graphics according to production and pressing the confirmation button for data transmission, you can also select in the gallery. The user can select the same graphics for production according to the production needs. The size and angle are set by the user. After setting the length and angle, press the confirm button. After the data is confirmed, it can work automatically.

The above safety operation procedures are also applicable to CNC bending center, CNC rebar bending center, rebar bending center, five-head CNC bending center, vertical CNC bending center, double-head CNC rebar bending center, two-head rebar bending center, two-head CNC rebar bending center, five-head CNC rebar bending center, etc!

CW26/32 CNC bending center bending head has compact structure, wide range of steel bar production and processing, and has independent patent rights. The bending head is driven by AC servo motor, and the total bending length of steel bar can be controlled in real time. At the same time, the moving response time is fast and the accuracy is high.

The bending motor adopts the new frequency conversion technology, the steel bar is made and processed exactly, the efficiency is high, the energy saving and environmental protection can bend multiple steel bars at the same time, and can bend multiple steel bars at the same time.


  Bracket and fuselage for vertical bar bending center

Bending platform linear guide selection of high strength moving linear guide, durable, not deformation, high strength automatic feeding rack sustainable production.

Automatic fixed-length assembly of vertical steel bar bending center:

Fully automatic sizing system is used to determine the position of the end of the steel bar, and is automatically controlled by AC servo motor, which does not require manual measurement and stability, high precision, safety and stability.

The vertical bar bending center has a fully automatic locking mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the bar end. The swing baffle of the special equipment can fully automatically avoid the steel bar to ensure the accuracy of the bending of the steel bar.

The vertical steel bending center has the ability to perform multi-directional bending in the work unit at the same time, and the two bending hosts work together to significantly improve the work efficiency, and can also load 5 tons of raw materials, which greatly reduces the manpower work.

  Vertical steel bar bending center product features:

1. Imported PLC and touch screen control interface combined with easy to use.

2. The intermediate soft steel bar tightening mechanism is formulated to ensure the bending precision.

3. bending control panel selection of heat treatment process, abrasion resistance, increase the use of life.

4. The bending spindle is controlled by servo, and the bending accuracy is high.

5. Mobile bending host, bending length free sizing.

6. Integrated design, high-intensity mobile track design, sturdy and durable.

7. The formulation of the clamping mechanism of the bending main chassis to enhance the bending accuracy.

8. The telescopic bending shaft reaches the bilateral bending of the steel bar.

9. High-strength automatic feeding rack, actually carrying a large number of raw materials.

  10.Vertical bar bending centerMultiple steel bars can be bent at one time with high efficiency.

11. The large graph database can preview hundreds of graphs.

12. Simple operation, one cycle can bend multiple angles.

13. Vertical bar bending center control system composition: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Panasonic.